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JULY 2017

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Is your site's content Web Accessible?

Beginning June 1, 2017, UF IT requires all new website content to be accessible. So, what does this mean for you? As a site content manager and creator, it is your responsibility to ensure that old website content is also up to the new accessibility standards by January 1, 2019, and that new content is only added if it meets the new standards

What are these accessibility standards? We have some resources for you to begin training yourself in some of the new web accessibility standards. Fortunately, since our sites are maintained using WordPress, much of the more complicated updates are made for you by the UF Health Web Services team of developers. However, the accessibility of your site content is the responsibility of the website administrators for each site.

We have created a short Accessibility Tutorial to help you understand more about accessibility standards and how they apply to your site content. Included in this tutorial are links to official websites and policies related to the new accessibility guidelines, as well.

If you have accessibility-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact UF Health Web Services at webservices@ahc.ufl.edu

Alternative text (Alt Text) is now required before images can be inserted into pages and posts

UF Health Web Services has recently released a change to WordPress that requires any image media file inserted into a page or post must have the "Alt Text" field filled in with text describing the image. Previously to this change, site users could add an image without the alt text field completed. However, this is has led to a large number of inaccessible images across UF Health websites. 

The Alt text field is important for visually impaired site visitors that use screen reading web browsers that read the website content to them aloud. When these browsers come across an image, they are not able to translate that to the site visitor, but alt text is able to do that for them. This video is an example of how screen reading technology translates your website content to site visitors with a visual impairment.

You can locate the Alternative Text field by clicking on an image in your Media Library which should bring up the Attachment Details window. The Alt Text field is on the right side of the window below the caption field.

Upcoming WordPress Upgrade 4.8 

The upcoming WordPress update comes with new and improved versions of the video, audio, image, and text widgets.

Using the new Image widget, you can select the image you want to use from the widget itself instead of searching through your Media Library for the File URL and copying and pasting it into the old widget. 

The Text widget is now the Rich Text widget and it will allow you to create rich text such as bolded text, bulleted lists, and links directly within the widget just like you would in a page or post. This added functionality is great for your homepage area if you want to add some welcome text for your visitors, or quickly add some other important information.

UF Health website upgrades to 4.8 are currently on hold do to a known issue with the upcoming Text Widget changes. We will notify you in advance before the upgrade is made live on UF Health websites. 

 View the full list of changes coming in 4.8.

Screenshots of two websites that are highlighted as design inspiration for July 2017: College of Vet Med and Graduate Medical Education

Design Inspiration: Graduate Medical Education and College of Veterinary Medicine keep it simple

The department of Graduate Medical Education  website has been a labor of love for site administrator Diana Morris. For over a year, she has endeavored to clean up and reorganize the content for the website. Part of her work on the website includes a nice and simple front page that uses only a few widgets. This site is a great example of "Less is More," and that we don't always have to use every feature of the Apollo template to make our sites friendly and functional.

Khalid Snowden, from the College of Veterinary Medicine, has created a simple "Meet the Team" page for the College's Veterinary Education website that not only provides the essential information students need, but in a visually appealing way. The major themes to note in this page are the consistent use of blue in each photo for a "pop" of color, and the clean formatting of the picture captions underneath each staff members' photo. This page is a great example of how to make your content stand out. 

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New Gravity Forms training coming in August

In response to the feedback survey from the spring "Behind the Web" mini-conference, UF Health Web Services is rolling out with a new training opportunity for Gravity Forms. 

Gravity Forms Basics is a new workshop for users with experience using WordPress, that want to learn more about building web forms using the Gravity Forms plugin. Workshop participants will begin with the creation of a simple web form and then learn how to use features like conditional logic to make fields appear or disappear, use merge tags to prepopulate information in the form fields, work with advanced settings in Forms to allow users to save their progress and more! 

Training begins on August 4th from 2:00-3:00 pm in C3-13.

Seating is limited to 15 participants, so reserve your spot early.
Special group training sessions can be scheduled outside of this session by contacting Nina Trombi at ninarz@ufl.edu.

Computer with Adobe Photoshop logo on the screen

Adobe Photoshop Workshops Open for Registration

Learn how to make simple graphics for your website! 

The workshop will cover creating and manipulating basic graphics in Photoshop, and sorting and tagging in Adobe Bridge. Topics include an overview of common toolbar features, creating images using layers, and adding text to images. This workshop assumes no experience with Photoshop or Adobe Bridge, but requires a working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Register for a session of Adobe Photoshop: Basics


New Bridge Upgrade: MyTraining Module on Homepage Displays Required Training Courses

By simply visiting the Bridge homepage, your mini-profile area (right side of screen) will now display any required or upcoming training courses you have inside of MyTraining. Simply click on the training course listed under "Required Trainings" and you will be taken directly to the MyTraining site to register for or complete your training.

If you notice any errors with the trainings listed for your account, please contact your direct supervisor to report the issue.