MAY 2017

Users Come Together for "Behind the Web" Mini-conference

On March 28, 2017, the first session of the “Behind the Web” mini-conference was held from 9:00-11:00 am in the HPNP 1404 auditorium. The event brought together over 100 Administrator and Editor users for the hundreds of sites under the UF Health umbrella, and exposed them to techniques and strategies that will help them enhance their own websites.

The mini-conference program included 6 presentations from some of Web Services own team members,  and their colleagues in Creative Services and Educational Technology. The topics for each presentation were focused on ways to elevate a site's effectiveness or more clearly communicate a message to website visitors. 

User feedback was overwhelmingly positive for this first user conference. In the feedback survey sent to conference attendees, users thought the conference was well worth their time and offered them valuable tools to consider using on their own websites. 87% of those surveyed responded with "Strongly Agree" or "Agree" when asked if they thought the presentation topics were useful and relevant to their job duties. When asked about the likelihood of attending the next conference, 98% responded with "Strongly Agree" or  "Agree."  

An opportunity identified from the feedback we received was that additional follow-up training would be of value to our users.  We are grateful for all of the feedback we received and will be using that feedback in the upcoming year to develop more intermediate and advanced level training opportunities for our users.

More feedback from the post-conference survey and presentation materals are available on the Behind the Web conference page for the Spring 2017 session.

Website and Bridge Collaboration Group Audits are Coming in May

Web Services will be conducting their annual review of websites, and in addition, Bridge collaboration groups beginning in May. Administrators of any websites or Bridge groups that have not updated their websites in the past 12 or more months will be contacted by Web Services. If no replies to these inquires are received after a length of time, sites may be archived and taken offline. Groups may be deleted. 

If you receive an email from Web Services about your site or group, please respond quickly if possible. Thank you!


Web Services is Ready to Fine Tune Your Site

Web sites aren’t static things – they grow and change as our needs – and the needs of our users – change. From time to time, they all need a good spring cleaning, and UF Health Web Services is here to help.

 Our web content and usability experts are ready to assist by providing on optimization overhaul for your site.

During this process we will:

• Identify issues with navigation and with language that might make it difficult for users to accomplish tasks or find information

• Make recommendations on how to make writing more concise and web-friendly

• Provide examples for best practices to help streamline and your sites and make them easier to update and maintain over time

• Help identify ways we can improve our products and make them easier for you and your teams to manage

 Optimization Overhauls are a free service UF Health Web Services provide to UF Health clients. We’re committed to helping make your sites as user-centric and intuitive as possible, and we’re looking forward to working with you!

 To schedule an optimization overhaul, please complete this online form.

Did you know?

... a 5-minute FAQ:

Based on some of the Apollo 2 survey data we received, we discovered that there is an opportunity to continue to share and remind users about the already existing features they have access to through WordPress and the Apollo template. So, in an effort to keep our users better informed, we have a few tips and suggestions for you below!

• I want to make a WordPress e-newsletter that also provides analytics.

• I want the ability to sort data in tables and use anchors (i.e. anchor tags).

• I want the option to add a border and drop shadow to my images.

• I need more storage space for my media files.

• I need some kind of action button that can be added to pages.


Our WordPress Plugin List

One of the great conference Q&A questions we had dealt with plugins, and more specifically, users wanting to know which plugins were available for them to use. To make discovery easier, we’ve created a  comprehensive list of our supported plugins. Plugins help expand the functionality of your WordPress site beyond just text and media. With certain plugins, you can add online forms to your website (Gravity Forms), or create a newsletter in WordPress for your site visitors (MailPoet). Some plugins are automatically enabled on your site upon its creation. Other plugins must be enabled by request. Browse the below list, and let us know if you’d like to try any of these out for your websites.

View our list of plugins for WordPress


Google Analytics

Taking Analytics up a Notch

by Jeff Stevens, Assistant Web Manager

In February, UF Health Web Services hosted a seat for Higher Ed Experts’ Higher Analytics Conference. 12 Higher Education web experts shared their insights and tips on how to use Analytics to make smart, business and goal-driven decisions in short, digestible lightning talks.

Web Services retains access to these presentations as recordings and would be glad to host you in watching them. If you are interested, please contact Jeff Stevens to arrange a date and time.

And, as always, if you have any questions about the basics of analytics or in setting up custom reports for your department’s needs, Web Services is here to help – just send us a message!