November 2016

The UF Health Web Presence

Maybe you've faced this before -- phone call after phone call asking for the phone number of the same  individual, or their campus location. You think to yourself, "this information is online for a reason!" But, how easy is it to find that information? Is this individual's contact information hard to find on a page, or buried deep into the site? This is a problem with the website's usability.

We want sites that are easy for our visitors to use. 

How does my website contribute to the perception of UF Health?

Your website’s content is the bar upon which the organization is measured by a site visitor. A visitor that reaches your site is looking for specific information. If your site content is concise and easy to scan, chances are your site visitors will find the information they seek. However, if they cannot find information, such as an email address or phone number for admissions questions for a particular program, this can cause the site visitor frustration and effect their perception of the organization. 

Self-assess the usability of your website.

Read this article on Website Usability Tips by Mashable, and then evaluate your own site. Does your content need to be reorganized or is it too wordy? Does your imagery contribute to the site content, or is it decorative? How much scrolling and how many mouse clicks does it take to reach contact information for your department or program?  

If your site is too difficult to use, you risk losing that site visitor after only a short time. Web Services offers a Usability Testing service that can help you finely tune your site content so your site visitors are able to easily navigate through the important information you have published online.


How to Replace a File

in the Media Library

Replacing or updating a file in your Media Library is a simple and quick process. No longer do you need to delete the file and upload the updated version. We provide a way through WordPress to update your files easily.

Take Your Website to the Next Level with Free Photoshop Classes Through IT Training

Website maintenance and management isn't just about text and tables. It can also include images or graphics editing (i.e. profile pictures or featured content slider images). UF Health has provided its employees with a number of ways to seek the professional development they need to improve their performance through UF Health IT Training.

The UF Health IT Training team provides all faculty and staff with training in a variety of different skills, and software programs. From Microsoft office programs to Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat, the team is here to give you free and face-to-face help with learning the tools you need.

Browse their workshops and check back often!



Some Tips for Improving Your Site Rankings

One of the questions we field often in Web Services is how to improve a site’s search engine rankings.

When we look at how a person reviews search results, about 75% of users will only look at the first set of results for a given search topic. 25% will proceed to the second page of results. Committed purchasers or information seekers might go deeper, but in general we are always aiming for being on that first page.

With hundred of thousands results for any search term vying for that first page results, optimizing your search results is one of the biggest challenges for a web manager. It takes dedication and time for making the incremental changes needed to move upward. 

Continue reading about how to improve your site rankings on the Web Services blog.



Reformat Your Gravity Forms with Ready Classes

Have you created a Gravity Form and wondered if there was a way to format the form to use up less space on the page? You can do that using Ready Classes!

Ready classes are short codes you can add to the Advanced tab of a field in your form that tells Gravity Form where to place that field or how to display all field options.

How to Use Ready Classes

To add a Ready Class to a field, just edit your form in the Form Builder and then select the field you want to add the classes to. Under the "Appearance" tab, you’ll see an input called "CSS class name". Add the Ready Class name or names you want to add to the field here and then save the form.

Example: I have two fields for the first and last name of the person filling out the form I’m creating. But, Gravity Forms stacks all fields on top of each other which makes the form take up a lot of vertical space. I can change that by locating the Appearance tab for my first field, and adding the code gf_left_half to the CSS Class Name. The process is the same for the last field except the code for that field is gl_right_half.

Watch this quick video about using ready classes short codes.

There is so much more you can do to change the look of your forms. View all the List of "Ready Classes" here.


PDF Thumbnail Previews Coming in WordPress Update 4.7

WordPress 4.7 is scheduled for release in early December, and one of the new features makes file management a little easier. Uploading PDFs will generate thumbnail images so you can easily distinguish between your documents in the Media Library! 


Responsive Tables for TablePress

Users of the TablePress plugin have a whole new way to display their table data. Using the Responsive Tables extension for TablePress, table layouts have three new view modes that can help show table data effectively even on a mobile device. 

The three new modes are:

Flip - flip the table rows and columns by making the data horizontally scrollable.
Scroll - wide tables can be viewed by scrolling horizontally allowing all data to be viewed.
Collapse - adds a hide/expand effect to the table for data that is cut off by the browser window. The remaining data can by shown by clicking on the + or - buttons next to the row they want to view.

See these new view modes in action on the TablePress website:


Social Media Account Request Process

Looking to create a social media account for your office? The University of Florida and UF Health Communications office requires official social media accounts to be approved first.

Social media is a great way to communicate with our audiences, but requires a good deal of planning and resources to be successful. In some cases, it makes sense to start a new account – in many others, there are already a number of channels at UF Health that can be used to share your content instead.

Take time to meet with your department’s communications specialist to discuss your needs and reasons for wanting to get on social media. They can provide advice on how to best move forward.

If your department does not have a communications representative, you can contact Web Services directly. We’ll be glad to meet with you and discuss how to best promote your content.

• Be sure to read UF Health’s guidelines for Social Media accounts (PDF)


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