JULY 2016

Web Services Welcomes New Developer to the Team

On June 24th, Web Services welcomed Kyle Tucker to the team. Kyle joins UF Health as a Web Developer and he will help provide a marked increase in our coding capacity, allowing us to do more and do it faster than before. "I am very excited about what this will mean for our abilities to re-imagine our various web products," said Carlos Morales, Director of Web Services. 

Here’s a bit of additional background on Kyle, from the man himself: 

I started learning HTML at the ripe age of 12, back when Microsoft FrontPage was the best thing that had ever happened to the Internet. Not long after, I met my first love, PHP, learning the language by building and breaking phpBB forum websites. I entered professional life as a graphic designer in 2011, but I couldn't shake my affection for Web development—so I kept learning and honing my abilities, living a double life as both an artist and a nerd. In late 2013, I left graphic design behind, ran away with Web development and have never looked back. 

Outside the office, though, my heart belongs to my wife of nearly eight years, my six-year-old son and my three-year-old daughter. I am an amateur barbecue smoker, practicing my craft with a hand-built UDS, which is short for "ugly drum smoker"—and its name suits it well. I also enjoy being really, really bad at golf.

 Apollo 2 Survey Closing Soon

You still have time to complete the survey for our new UF Health website template upgrade, the Apollo 2.0. Our current website template, the Apollo, was released in 2011 and has served us well in many regards. However, it’s now time for an upgrade. We need your input and guidance to help us in deciding what features we need to incorporate into the new version. Even if you are entirely pleased with the Apollo template, please take a moment to complete the survey linked below; now is your chance to have your voice heard!

Eye-Catching Educational Resources

Sometimes you need to take a different approach to your site navigation, and two staff members in the College of Veterinary Medicine have done that.

The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Education website is maintained by Khalid Snowden, Program Assistant. Khalid has developed a Teaching, Learning and Technology Resources page that is the focus of this issue's design inspiration. The design and layout for this page was done by Khalid Snowden with the assistance of Lana Marshall, Support Specialist. This page is a great example of how to create an eye-catching navigation menu that is not only functional, but adds a little life to the page as well.

How did they do it?

Together, they created the images in Photoshop using a similar design concept, but with minor changes in colors and art to pull the visitor’s eye to each and every image. Certain elements are the same across all images such as the image dimensions, typeface, light blue background color, cartoon-like style of the art, and layout of the text and art on each button. Each image was turned into an image link by clicking on the image, clicking on the pencil icon to edit the image, and then pasting a custom URL in the "Link to" field. The final touch was adding the shadow format to the image which adds the shadow effect and white border around the image. The shadow effect is found in the Formats drop-down menu in the second row of the toolbar. 


Is there a site you want to suggest for the Design Inspiration feature in the next issue? Email your suggestions to ninarz@ufl.edu.


TablePress: One Table to Rule Them All

TablePress is a plugin that you may not have heard much about. With TablePress, you can import a data table from Excel or another file type, then that table can be included on any page or post on your site using some simple code. When it’s time to edit the data, you simply edit the table in TablePress only, and then any page or post with that table is automatically updated. The secret to this is that TablePress created one central table that WordPress will display according to the shortcode you include in the page. This makes managing statistical information and directories much easier on your site. Read the Tutorial Online


Resize Your Images Using WordPress

What do you do when you’ve uploaded the perfect Hi-Res image for your Feature Content Slider, but WordPress is cropping the image strangely? You can actually edit your images directly in WordPress! In WordPress, you can crop, rotate, flip, and scale your images.  Read the Tutorial Online


Have we contacted you about your site?

In May 2016, Web Services began compiling a list of websites that have not received an update in over 12 months. Even if you have not been contacted by a member of Web Services, it's important to keep your site information up-to-date. 

Website Clean-up Tips:

Use the Broken Link Checker plugin to find and update broken links on your site. Sites with many broken links and few updates may cause visitors to leave even if the information is still relevant.

Keep your featured content slider updated with new posts. Remember, this is a great place to highlight events and important information on an as-needed basis.

Site Administrators: Periodically review your site user list and email Web Services to remove any users that no longer need access to the site. 

Contact information for your unit or department should be easily found and always up-to-date. Include any preferred email addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation and location information. Did you know you can add a Google Map to your page through the Google Map tool in the Toolbar?


Need Help & Support?

Email Us: webservices@ahc.ufl.edu

Guides & Tutorials Online: http://webservices.ufhealth.org/help-support/