MAY 2016

Your Feedback Needed for New Website Template 

Originally released during the summer of 2011, our UF Health "Apollo" website template has proudly served as the official website theme for all UF Health websites within our WordPress content management system. But, it's now time for an upgrade. Your UF Health Web Services team needs your help in providing guidance and ideas for the next generation of Apollo.  The Web Services team is committed to providing the best possible tool for UF Health's web managers and their valued partners, and your feedback will help ensure we're delivering the best product possible.

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New Team Member Joins Web Services

Nina Trombi recently joined our Web Services team as our new training and support specialist. In this role, Nina will be responsible for assisting our customers with support and training for our various web-based systems. She replaces Diane Millican, who retired in early March after more than a decade of service to the University of Florida and UF Health.

Nina has set a number of goals for her first year with Web Services, such as providing training for WordPress online, and coordinating a series of quarterly user group meetings with our website developers.

If you require any website training or assistance, please contact Nina Trombi directly at 352.273.5770 or


Updating Links to

Last week you might have received some notices about broken links on your sites. These were caused when the security certificate for the old website expired.

The certificate has since been restored, but this highlighted that there are still a number of sites that are sending users to the old website. These links should be updated to go directly to, instead. Luckily, WordPress makes finding these links fairly easy.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Pages.
  2. Use the Pages’ search box in the upper right corner to look for
  3. The search will show any page that has either this text or a link in the body that uses this address.
  4. Open each page
    1. Review each link for accuracy and update as needed
    2. If you are comfortable in doing so, you can switch from visual to text view to look at the HTML code. In text mode, you can use your browsers’ search feature to look for content that includes
  5. Save the page
  6. Repeat for all of the results that search showed

Creating and Editing Links Made Easy!

The Link Options tool is a quick way to easily link to content on your site without all of the fuss of multiple windows or using the back button.

With our recent upgrade to WordPress 4.5, an easier way to create and edit links was introduced. Click the link below to read about this new link editor tool.


What Does Your Mobile Site Look Like?

Have you looked at your website using a mobile device? 30-40% of your site's traffic could be through mobile devices. A lot of that traffic might be from first-time visitors as well. There is a chance that a high number of visitors will view your site for the very first time through their mobile devices.


WordPress Training Class Scheduled for May 27th

Registration for WordPress training is now available online through the Web Services website. If you are new to WordPress or need a chance to brush up on it, join us for any open session. 

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