December 2018

Highlights from Behind the Web

The fall session of the Behind the Web user conference is behind us. This session focused on the development of the new UF Health WordPress theme called Apollo 2. As part of the program, members of the UF Health Web Services team walked attendees through the new features in development and some examples of website concepts using these features. If you were not able to attend the event, you can watch the recording of the presentations online.

What the feedback says...

The response to the program at the recent Behind the Web event was positive and full of helpful suggestions for future events. Overall, attendees strongly agreed that the event was well organized, useful, and relevant to their job duties. The presentations were rated as "excellent" across the board and the addition of multiple Q&As throughout the program were well received. 

Watch the program online.


Apollo 2 Launch is Scheduled for January 2019!

As mentioned at the Behind the Web user conference, the launch of the new website theme, Apollo 2, will take a 5 step approach beginning in January 2019. The launch will not be an automatic flip of a switch, but rather, more like guided process to ensure that website managers feel supported and excited about the change to their websites and empowered with the skills to use the new features.


Apollo 2 Migration Process & Timeline

STEP 1: Request Migration to Apollo 2

Web Services will send out further information on how to request migration for a site starting in early January 2019. Development and testing is continuing at a rapid pace, and details can change from day-to-day. 

STEP 2: Coordinate with Web Services

Web Services will review your site and help you set up an approach for migration depending on your particular site and the needs of your site managers.

STEP 3: Apollo 2 Training

Training will be made available to users requesting migration through group sessions within the HSC Computer Training Lab, online using the Zoom Web Conferencing tool, and one-on-one sessions.

Training is expected to last one hour and incorporate a walk-through of the new theme and it's features, and then an introduction to the new WordPress interface and how to perform familiar tasks.

STEP 4: Apollo 2 Access & Homepage Update

With training complete, website managers can expect to spend approximately 30-60 minutes making some adjustments to the homepage of their website and settings after the theme change has been made.

STEP 5: Site Launch!

In the final step of the process, Web Services will work with website managers to launch their Apollo 2 site including updates to custom site domain names and resolving any other issues that became apparent during the migration process.


Plugins: What You Need to Know for Apollo 2

Plugins are extra features for your website that can be enabled and disabled, as needed, to add new functionality to your site. An example of a plugin that is available to you by default would be Gravity Forms. Some plugins must be turned on by request. Most plugins are expected to remain available and supported for the Apollo 2 launch with few exceptions. 

We offer training and support for our roster of plugins so you can focus on using them and not. View a list of the plugins available.

If you are concerned about the status of a particular plugin important to the function of your site, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask us about it!


Do you have broken links?

Here's how you can find out!

All sites have a plugin enabled on their site called "Broken Link Checker" which periodically (every 72 hours) checks hyperlinks on the site to see if they are valid. Hyperlinks that are found to be invalid, meaning returning an error such as 404 - Page Not Found, will appear crossed out and can be reviewed through the Dashboard Navigation Menu, Settings, and selecting "Broken Links". 

Administrators are given options for each broken link which appear when hovered over.

• Edit URL: Edit the URL of the hyperlink.

• Unlink: This will keep the link text in place, but remove the hyperlink action so that it's not clickable.

• Not Broken: Marks the link as "not broken" in case the URL is correct, but was incorrectly flagged by the plugin.

• Dismiss: Removes the broken link from the list.

• Recheck: Prompts the plugin to instantly recheck the link.

It's important to keep up on correcting the broken links on your site because when visitors see broken links repeatedly over time, or throughout your site, it can cause them to question if they are seeing the most up-to-date information.

The UF Health Web Directory is Here!

The UF Health Web Directory is an online directory for all UF Health staff, clinicians, nurses, and students. Features of each profile include a personalized biography, list of honors and awards, publications, grants, patents, and education history. In addition, doctors and nurses can list their board certifications, and clinical specialties/subspecialties, which are integrated into provider profile pages, as well.

In a future update to Apollo 2, website managers will be able to create directories on their websites using profile information from the UF Health Web Directory through a custom tool currently in development.

Welcome our Social Media Intern, Lauren Smith

Lauren is a forward thinking communicator with a passion for social media and public relations. Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, she can’t consider any other place her home. Growing up, she’s always had a curiosity for public relations and decided to dedicate herself to the industry ever since. She is a proud graduate from the University of Florida and obtained her BS in Public Relations. “Best decision I’ve ever made,” she swears by.

During her time at UF, she was a proud member of PRSSA and had the privilege to intern with the local not-for-profit organization Gainesville Pet Rescue. She is now eager to have the opportunity to dive into the healthcare industry and learn the ins-and-outs of corporate PR. Lauren looks forward to being an asset to the Web Services team and providing strategic public relations and social media management to a variety of audiences. In her free time she indulges her caffeine addiction and enjoys karaoke.


A message about unplanned website downtime

We want to apologize to you for the frequent and recent instances of unplanned website downtime. We always endeavor to keep you up-to-date on any website maintenance that may effect you or your site visitors, and we understand that your sites are important parts of your operations and outreach efforts. Each downtime occurrence is closely monitored and investigated to help identify the root of the issue as quickly and as thoroughly, as possible.Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to report any instances of website problems to us at as soon as they are known.